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SkipTheDepot Bottle Donation

What is SkipTheDepot?

SkipTheDepot is an platform that allows you to get your recycling picked up and processed without having to make a trip to the bottle depot. Residents of Edmonton can use SkipTheDepot to recycle their bottles and cans while still getting their returns, all for free.  

Heading to the bottle depot can be messy and eat up a good chunk of your day. SkipTheDepot lets you ditch the dirty work while still getting money back! We handle the pick-up as well as the recycling while you get the return. It is an effortless process!  

With SkipTheDepot you can donate to local charities and your community from within the platform. To donate your next return all you need to do is select a donation preference during booking. After that, your next return will be donated to your charity of choice. You can even receive a tax receipt for your donation if the charity provides them.  

Donation Guide  

Thank you for choosing to support The Canadian Mental Health Association – Edmonton Region!

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The site should guide you through the steps to donate. However, if you would like additional guidance below is a step-by-step guide to donate your bottle refund through SkipTheDepot.  

SkipTheDepot Fundraising Guide

For more information on setting up a company or group bottle drive, please contact our Engagements & Events Coordinator, Corey Verstrepen, at [email protected].

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