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Critical Incident Group Debriefing Services 

Due to COVID-19, we are offering these services via online support. Please phone 780-732-6654 or email [email protected] for more information. 

**If you are in crisis/distress, please call the Distress Line: 780-482-4357**

Critical Incidents are situations outside our normal frame of reference that challenge us to instantly understand and cope with what has happened.

Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute Inc

Our Suicide Grief Support Services team offers group debriefing support to adults who have experienced a critical incident. The debriefing process provides a safe place for people to talk about and share experiences related to the incident. 

We provide Critical Incident Group Debriefings at least three days after a critical incident, for up to two weeks after the incident. 

Services are provided free of charge, although donations are welcome when a group debriefing is held at a worksite. 

For more information, call: 780-732-6654 

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