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Light Up Your Mind School Program

The Mental Health Education Program offers multiple presentations in the “Light Up Your Mind” series, designed for Junior and Senior High School audiences. This series consist of a collection of interactive presentations that incorporate videos, case studies, discussions, debates and games to provide information, increase understanding and facilitate informed dialogue regarding mental health issues. In learning to communicate more effectively about these issues, participants will develop strategies to reduce stigma and seek help.

Youth Presentations

Available upon request for students and other youth groups ages 12 – 17*

Time: 60 minutes         Fee: FREE 

Stick 2 Life

  • Enhances youth awareness and understanding around the topic of suicide through facilitated discussions, case studies, and videos.  Participants learn about warning signs that someone is at risk, steps they can take to help someone they care about, and available resources in their lives.

Mess with Stress!

  • Uses participatory activities to help youth identify the sources of stress in their lives, and explore strategies for self-care and stress management. Also provides information on resources where youth can find more information or seek support.

Mental Illness and the Recovery Journey

  • Presents youth with the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses, myths and facts about mental illness, and statistics that illustrate the prevalence of mental illness in youth.  Also offers tips to support a friend or family member, how to reach out for support, and available community resources.

Stamp Out Stigma

  • Uses participatory activities and real-life videos to demonstrate how stigma affects youth with a mental illness, and what can be done to reduce stigma. Also provides information on resources where youth can find more information mental illness and stigma.

If you are interested in a classroom presentation at no cost, please fill out the request form below, and return it to:

Classroom Request Form

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