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We depend on volunteers like you to help build caring communities and make mental health matter. Volunteering plays an important role in supporting the resilience and recovery of people affected by mental illness. Not only does volunteering with CMHA-ER support our programs, services and special events, the act of volunteering can be beneficial for your mental health!

What do CMHA-ER volunteers do?

  • Peer Support
  • Recovery Programs Support
  • Distress Line
  • Board and Committee Membership
  • Education and Awareness Events
  • Fund Development
  • Administration Support

Who volunteers with CMHA-ER?

  • People who share our vision of mentally healthy people in caring communities
  • Professionals, students, families, and community members
  • People living with mental illness
  • Friends, family, and co-workers of people living with mental illness

How much time is needed for volunteering?

  • It depends on the volunteer role you choose. Some volunteers donate a couple of hours each week or month. Some volunteer for specific projects/events at select times during the year.

Where do CMHA-ER volunteers work?

  • Depending on the volunteer role, you may be volunteering at CMHA-ER’s office, the helplines contact centre, a housing unit, or out in the community.

Distress Line Volunteering Information

  • Volunteering as a Distress Line Listener can be a life-changing experience. We’ll get you started with 64 hours of comprehensive training in crisis management, suicide prevention, family violence intervention, and much more. You’ll develop communication skills that will improve how you relate to the people in your life and you’ll be a part of an amazing team of compassionate people. Completing your volunteer contract as a distress line listener is a great way to enhance your resume and earn a great reference letter. If you work, or are thinking about working, in a helping field (social work, counselling, nursing, etc.), becoming a distress line listener give you lots of experience and help to grow your skills. Become a Distress Line Volunteer Listener. Without highly-skilled, caring volunteers, the distress line would cease to exist and more than 1,500 calls for help would go unanswered each month.

To learn more about becoming a Distress Line Volunteer, check out these links:

Distress Line Volunteer FAQ

Current Opportunities

How to apply to become a volunteer

Please apply here!

More questions?

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